Inspiring and Motivating Individuals

During the Bonington leadership programme, one of the key exercises we did was on the topic of identifying our values and being authentic to them. A key value of mine is endless intellectual curiosity and a hunger for constant learning. Hence, I am now doing an online “Leading People and Teams” specialisation through Coursera, taught by University of Michigan Ross School of Business. The specialisation consists of five individual courses which are: Inspiring and Motivating Individuals; Managing Talent; Influencing People; Leading Teams; and a Leading People and Teams Capstone. I have just finished the first of these courses on the topic of “Inspiring and Motivating Individuals” and in this post, I will summarise my key learning from this course. Shared vision and purpose To inspire and motivate individuals, they need a shared vision and purpose to work towards. Leaders can get obsessed with developing visions that are intensively future focussed, not bringing the team along with them. This can cause a feeling of loss, discontentment and being not valued. It is important that leaders develop a vision that is both forward looking and realistic. A vision that is clear to understand. A clear vision can create a sense of energy

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