This is the blog of Masud Khokhar, Director of Library and Archives at University of York.

I am a strategic and innovative leader who is passionate about Higher Education in general and the Library, Archives, Cultural, and IT sector in particular. I bring a unique mix of private and public sector experience, a strong technology and research background, strategy development expertise and a high level of emotional intelligence. 12 years experience of working in HE Library sector, with last 6 years at senior management level.

Notable areas of expertise include developing strategy, embedding innovation, empowerment of staff, impact assessment and customer-centric solutions to enhance user experience, satisfaction and retention.

I am keen to identify potential areas of collaboration and develop partnerships that grow stronger and deliver results over time. I consistently grow and constantly challenge the boundaries at which we all work, expanding on what’s considered achievable and delivering the very best from teams.

I have been involved in the leadership of a number of national and international library and digital initiatives, either as a board member, chair of the group, or in a consultancy capacity.


This blog and all posts on it are the sole opinion of the author. Nothing included on it is the opinion of any other individual or institution unless explicitly stated.

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About Me

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